Saturday, 18 November 2017

Anabelle Ivy - Family Location Session

As I've stated on numerous occasions, I love my job! It's so amazing being able to photograph brand new babies less than two weeks old, with all their squishiness and cuteness. But what's even more amazing is getting to photograph them again and again as they grow. As some of you will know, I first photographed Anabelle Ivy when she was still just a bump in her Mammy's tummy. And now she has turned 2!!!! For this session myself and Anabelle's Mum (Aka The Style Fairy) decided a family location session would be perfect. Two year olds generally don't sit still for long. A location session allows them to run free and enjoy themselves while I run after them, camera's in tow, capturing all the natural moments as they unfold. It also makes for a lot of fun, as you will see! If you would like more info about a family location session you can contact me at or check out my website on

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Danny & Carol

Most years I celebrate my birthday with some cake, maybe a few drinks and definitely reminding everyone around me that it's my birthday. However, last year was a little different. The 21st of August 2015 was all about the gorgeous Carol and Danny on their amazing wedding day, and I had the absolute honour of getting to capture it all. Definitely not a bad way to ring in another year.

Carol and Danny chose the beautiful Claregalway Hotel in Co.Galway for both their vows and their reception afterwards. Danny lives close by so the first stop of the day was to his house to capture a few shots of his preparations. Not only was the house a centre of calm but Danny was pretty much as cool as a cucumber. Nerves were nowhere to be seen for this groom. A lot of the time on a wedding day when I arrive to the grooms house they normally say they are fine and there's no nerves. Eventually as they start putting on the suit and making the last few preparations before they head off the nerves start kicking in. If this was the case for Danny he was hiding it pretty well. Once all the prep was done there was a few shots of Danny and his groomsmen, and of course one with his Dad and I was ready to head back to the hotel for the bridal preparations.

Walking into the brides room coming straight from the grooms house pretty much always throws me straight into a different atmosphere. Not that there were any nerves to be found around Carol either. But a group of five to six women getting themselves ready for a wedding always creates a little bit of excitement lets say. I love this atmosphere, the commotion and the energy are always the best. There is nothing like a wedding and nothing like the countdown to really build the excitement. Photographing the dress (which as you will see was AMAZING!!), the shoes, capturing all the details and all the little moments going on as everyone prepares for the day ahead is always the best start to the day. And today was no different.

Bridal prep done and all I had to do was take a quick stroll downstairs for the ceremony, easiest commute ever! Walking down stairs all the guests had started to congregate in the lobby and I could already feel the anticipation of the day building with everyone. Soon we all made our way to the ceremony and waited for Carol and her bridesmaids to arrive. I love that first look as the bride makes her way down the aisle. The light shone right into the room behind Carol as she walked in and she looked a little like an angel appearing to us all! Absolutely stunning!

Apart from one small mishap with a fire alarm the ceremony went perfectly, even still the laugh this created amongst the bride and groom and guests kind of added to the day. Straight after we hopped in the car and took a quick spin down the road to the ruins of the stunning Claregalway Abbey. What a beautiful location for photos and what was especially cool was that we were able to capture the gorgeous Claregalway Castle in the background for some shots too. So much history within a stones throw. I absolutely love the west of Ireland. My other half is a Galway man himself and my Dad hails from Mayo. Not that either of those facts make me biased, the reason I love this part of the country so much is because it is so stunning. It is rugged and gorgeous at the same time, and just makes me think this is what Ireland really looks like!

Danny and Carol were of course a dream to work with. I think I could have asked them to walk anywhere and they would have done it. In fact, in our meeting before the wedding I joked with Carol that I would have her climbing fences and she replied that would be no problem. You know you have an easygoing bride when she says she's okay to climb over things in her wedding dress to get the shot!!! I literally could have spent hours strolling around with Danny and Carol, but of course we didn't want to miss the party so we made our way back to the hotel to join the rest of the guests for the celebrations!

This wedding day seemed to go in the blink of an eye. The day absolutely flew by, which is always a good sign. I loved this wedding so much. It was so relaxed, so calm and so full of love! And it was in the west of Ireland to top it all off! The Claregalway Hotel were so great on the day also. Danny and Carol could not speak highly enough of the hotel when we met before the wedding. Organising their wedding from abroad they said that there was nothing the hotel wouldn't do to help make things easier for them. This wasn't the first time I had heard this from a bride and groom and I have to say after shooting there for the first time ever I can see why they were all raving about it, the hotel were brilliant in helping the day run as smoothly as possible!! Once again I cannot believe a whole year has passed since this gorgeous wedding. I hope you all enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them, never a bad way to ring in another year photographing a wedding like this!

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